Here's something you can give to your kids without getting in trouble with your spouse! Well, maybe... I don't know your spouse, so I promise nothing! But if your significant other is anything like cool, you should be safe handing the shorty a copy of Chris "Crazyhouse" Miller's kid fantasy hero comic Nukkull Headz. Peep this preview of #1 & 2:

Here's the Sales Pitch:
 Angie was a nerdy little ten year old, until she merged with the mystical Pearl of Night. Now she uses her new found powers to assist in the quest of the rebel air ship crew, known as THE NUKKULLHEADZ!
In the first issue: 
Angie is an imaginative ten year old, who dreams of one day going on exciting adventures with her Uncle Junior. Too bad her imagination has made her a social outcast amongst her classmates. All of that changes when Angie receives a mysterious gift from her Uncle, that causes her to be hunted by evil creatures from the realm of nightmares. Her only hope is a heroic crew of rebels known as The Nukkullheadz.

In the second issue:
It's wall to wall action and adventure as Angie and the NUKKULLHEADZ sneak into the DUNGEON of NIGHTMARES to rescue Uncle Junior

So yeah... Now that you read some of it, I'll let you make up your own mind what your better half can tolerate (or not). If you're interested in copping the issue, click here to get your'n.

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