Robophobic #20 :Robotic Killer Bees, We on a SWARM!

That buzzing sound you heard, followed by sharp pain like a tiny needle poking into the back of you neck wasn't from those Africanized Killer Bees from Staten Island, but they are on the mother effing swarm nonetheless, so be advised...

Now that the soul brother number one President Obama has signed a law that permits the military to arrest and hold American citizens without trial, you'll be pleased to know that (in what I'm sure is totally unrelated research at the University of Pennsylvania) they are perfecting these autonomous surgical synchronized robotic killing machines called Nano Quadrotors. As the name implies Nano Quadrotors are tiny drone helicopters with four propellers that can be programmed to fly in complex and shifting formations around obstacles.

While I'm sure they are not developing this tech for the purpose of killing their enemies at Penn State or whatever, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they get grants from the military or intelligence agencies, especially as the tech gets more sophisticated. After the scorched-Earth tactics employed by his predecessor, President Obama has already shown a preference for the surgical strike, opting to take out Bin Laden with the real-life bad-asses of Seal Team Six (not to be confused with Wildstorm's fictional bad-asses of Team 7, Wetworks or Stormwatch: Team Achilles...) and sharply ramping up the use of unmanned drone aircraft to attack terrorist targets in Pakistan, so I could see him approving the use of stealthy and accurate NanoQuad swarms armed with poison-tipped darts to take out alleged enemies of the state. I know that shouldn't bother us (more or less) law-abiding citizens, but I'd encourage you to protect your neck just the same...




corance said...

Who wouldn't be comforted knowing there was a swarm of those hunting the bad guys?

ross said...

this is so cool.

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