On Sale Now- Nadir's Zenith

If the world of the new sci-fi comic Nadir's Zenith comes to pass, affordable hyperspace technology spreads human corporate rule across the universe over the next century. But it's all good, 'cause the Intergalactic Peace Corps is putting brothas like Captain John Nadir and his fellow Space Marshals out there to keep the one percenters of the universe in line!

Here's the Sales Pitch:  
With the advent and harnessing of hyperspace technology, mankind left for the stars with reckless abandon. In the year 2112, corporations are the off-world governments policed by the Intergalactic Peace Corps. Follow the adventures of IPC Space Marshal, Captain John Nadir on his adventures through the galaxy. "Nadir's Zenith" is Space Opera, 100 years in the making! Captain John Nadir is recalled to Earth for a secret mission briefing. Little does he know that his very life depends on the outcome.

I haven't read this book yet, but Nadir's Zenith looks like it is just begging to be a movie. At least, it's the kind of movie my friends and I are always begging for. I mean, that image of Captain Nadir walking away from his smoking ship is a perfect end of a preview... or movie trailer. Assuming Will Smith isn't getting fitted for his Space Marshall uniform right now, you're gonna hafta just click here to buy a copy of Nadir's Zenith on Indyplanet.

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