the "GLORY: WAR TORN" paperback by Joe Keatinge & @RossCampbelll drops this month! I'm excited or whatever...

I was EXTREMELY excited to hear about the release of GLORY: WAR TORN, which raps up the high-octane ultraviolent re-imagining of Rob Liefeld's otherworldly ultimate warrior (who just happens to be a badass chick) Glory, as told by Joe Keatinge and the mighty Ross Campbell. Ross's wraparound covers for the trades are worth the price of admission, and War Torn shows off Glory's little sisters, and her battle cat Beleszava...

Here's a scene that takes place after an epic battle between Glory and her sister Nanaja, before they join forces to save the world...

Henry knows what's up. When the war's over... y'know... they're gonna need sandwiches... 
Anyways, Glory was my favorite monthly comic of 2012. I don't buy a lot of monthlies, but I love Glory long time.  And you best believe I'm getting my hands on this trade. Glory: War Torn arrives in stores July 31st, but you can click here to pre-order it from Amazon right now.


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