Bring On the Bad Guys

this preview of MAYHEM! #2 gives us a look at the bad guy muscle seen on the Jim Lee TPB artwork, after the first issue focused on the title character and his gal pal. i haven't made it out to the comic shop since i'm in deadline delivery mode, but you can bet your (fill in your favorite body part) that i'm copping that joint when i get to the store! as for now, click the pic to peep the 5 page preview! even though Tyrese is offering the comic on iTunes now for all you tech-wizards, but i can't slap my cockerspaniel on the nose with an iPod when she wakes the baby, now can i? well, i guess i could, but PETA would have federal agents all up in my crib, an nobody wants that, so i'll cop the print issues.

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