free Spider-Woman Preview

the last time i read a comicbook series Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev did together, it was so hard it made me feel obligated to watch a Daredevil movie that starred Ben Affleck (YEAH! it was THAT good!). well, i don't care HOW good this new Spider-Woman comic is, i ain't watching anymore bad movies on purpose. anyways, now that i got that business outta the way, click the pic for a preview of Bendis and Maleev on Spider-Woman, which hits your comic shop Wednesday, September 23rd cuzzo!


Troy said...

Have you caught that Itunes Motion Comic for this book? I'm not sure if it's the future but it is impressive...

Marcus McElhaney said...

I agree, this make the Spider-Woman book the game changer. As far as I know no one has published a book as a motion comic and then in print. It is usually the other way around. I like the motion comic.

samax said...

i need to check that out i guess... i haven't gotten the chance.

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