Comicbook World #36 - Carrot Top: Villain in the Making?

is it just me, Or does comedian Carrot Top seem like he's turning into a supervillain? last time i saw him, he was a skinny little dude who did gag comedy with props (because i guess he thought the world needed another Gallagher?), now he looks like a failed super-soldier test subject... so i was watching teevee the other day and saw him on a Burger King commercial looking like death warmed over! it went by so fast, i didn't notice that he had arms the size of tree trunks! it's understandable that someone in the entertainment biz would try to beef up to broaden their appeal for movie and teevee roles, but Carrot Top has the look of something a little more sinister... maybe years of movie role rejections and an impromptu ass-kicking by a buff heckler drove the wiry redheaded funnyman over the edge! when he turned to an evil pro-wrestling promoter for "something extra" to help him bulk up fast, they must'a gave him a bad cocktail of experimental hormones and steroids... i think we are witnessing the birth of a supervillain here! like that moment after Norman Osborne exposes himself to the chemicals, but before he puts on the Green Goblin mask for the first time? when chuckles' arms swelled up on him and burst through his shirts sleeves on some Hulk shit, i bet he choked the life out of the chemist and said "Back to formula?" you may think you're gonna get away with it, Carrot Top... but i'm wise to your ass...


B_Steelo said...

I think it's because he's working in Vegas

samax said...

so is he thuggin' on the side? that's how it started for Aces Israel and frank Sinatra too:

omegared said...

carrot top looks ridiculous..
looks like he's injecting synthol..
could be roids also....who knows..

B_Steelo said...

yeah that's not a non chemical build

sirkowski (missdynamitefan4life) said...

Word. Somethings just not right bout that boy! lol

Dragoon X said...

If I were to say something like that, I would be considered crazy.

Anonymous said...

yeah you are right. he would be excellent as a villain in spider-man 4. he could be electro.

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