why wasn't Transformers like THIS --->

Optimus Prime by *TimKelly
the new Transformers film franchise is alright, (actually, i still ain't seen part 2) but i still think the robot designs are not iconic and memorable, the way the original designs were. one of the best things about the original cartoon designs was that each robot LOOKED like it turned into a car or airplane or whatever! you could see the tires and the windshields and the doors, etc and that was just cool! wish the designs would'a been more like this joint! that would have been better... combining the desire for real-world mechanical complexity with the more iconic and recognizable design of the original toy/cartoon. what do you think?


Vee (Scratch) said...

I finally learned to get over it but not really. I understand that movie producers or some new comic book writer will decide to make changes for whatever reasons they deem necessary. I'm cool with it, but I'm not.

Fortunately for some stories and franchises there are directors like Robert Rodriguez and Zak Synder that want to stick to the script and give fans what they want. I'm really not a huge fan of all these recent re-imaginings of certain characters in comics and film.

Maybe I'll get over one day.

B_Steelo said...

Man it just gets lost. The only definable characters are optimus and bumblebee. You can only differentiate by symbol.

samax said...

i agree with you... i watched the first movie, and appreciate it for what it is, but i think they missed an opportunity to really make an enduring movie that is UNIVERSALLY beloved.

sometimes, i think filmmakers are ashamed to make adaptations of toys, comics, and cartoons. my answer to them is don't and let someone else do it.

example: "we can't do galactus as a giant dude in armor who eats planets, that's just goofy..."

i'm sorry, but a silver dude from outer space riding a surfboard who has a hi-def hologram tummy is okay? if you're ashamed of the FF then do something else... we'll spend our gajillion dollars with someone else. thankyoubyebye.

B_Steelo said...

Man I was mad at that. And the story was wack.

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