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We're Famous by Aesop Rock f/El-Producto
yo... up late drawing again. despite serious caffeination, i was having trouble getting going tonight until the rotation hit We're Famous off'a Aesop Rock's brilliant underground opus Bazooka Tooth, at which time it was off to the races! this is my shit, mostly for the autobiographical first verse by Def Jux founder El-P. 'Sop and El are mostly beefing with L7, Eso or some other dudes in their crew... but that's not why i like this song. this joint has two gritty emcees who pretty much cut a path in the underground and mastered the art of being obscure and famous at the same time. on this song, they revel in it, and diss cats just for the fun of it, over a beat that's old school and futuristic at the same time! i remember bumping this a few years ago when i was dating this chick from houston, who could not understand why i was geeking over these two white dudes from new york! she was listening to David Banner and Li'l Flip at the time, so i understood why she didn't get it, but for a cat like me who's been working hard at being an overnight underground success for ten years, this joint hit me right in the chest!
well, i gotta get back to work...


RodBuddah said...

" It's the most nostalgic cats are the ones who never part of it..!"

Maaaan, this piece has HEAVY rotation in our studio, chief!

This joint can easily be converted to what WE do... But you already know that ;)

Good looking Samax

samax said...

(ahem... lifts fist in the air)

"when i finally blew up, i REMAINED SICK, earning respect in ghettos and 'burbs for word placement. back when the independent scene remained faceless, we were the only crew who PROMISED your ass we'd take it!

mold it, shape it. living outside the matrix. hope it make it more than miniature major labels. hold it sacred, livin' it for the culture. toldja plainly, protected it from the vultures. that's why i always get respect from TRUE soldiers, with half the critics claiming every year 'hip hop's over'...

FUCK YOU! hip hop just started! funny how the most nostalgic cats are the ones who were never part of it. true veterans give dap to those who started it and humbly move the fuck on AND COME WITH THAT NEW RETARDED SHIT..."

(feel free to replace "hip hop" with "comics" anyhere it occurs...)

Vee (Scratch) said...

This is str8 HARD!!!

samax said...

isn't hip hop great?! (say 'yes' to avoid looooong conversation... LOL!)

these kinda dudes are the reason i don't complain about the state of hip hop that much... there's so much good stuff out there, i couldn't download it all, much less buy it all!

we just got to make a point of sharing the dope stuff around so people will know what's up!

and turn off corporate radio!!!!!

EzekielRawlins said...

9-5ers anthem. Enough said. While you're throwing it out there--anybody got any recommends?

samax said...

truthfully EZ, i'm living off of mixtapes right now (two hot beat tapes available in my "free tracks" archives from Fred Bruno and Playdough... i highly recommend both) and Jay Electronica leaks. his youTube vids sustain me through tough times (lol!).
YO! cop that "The Brooklyn Report" too:
it's dope!
and i still got that Rhymefest mixtape "the manual" on heavy rotation, and of course, DOOM's new joint, 'Born Like This'
i'm waiting on sean price new mixtape Kimbo Price, but i got new tracks you can DL in the archives.
yeah, check the 'Free Tracks' link. there's pro'lly lots of heat in there...
OH! you got the new Raekwon yet?

Corance said...

Hey, as far as recomendations; I recommend Mos Def's "The Ecstatic". He's making music that no one else is coming close to: These perfect songs; mostly one verse. And the production is so singular. Cop it if you can.

B_Steelo said...

Man When I got this album this was the only track I played for a week

samax said...

you know it, Steelo... and when i borrowed it from YOU, this joint was booming out my neon every time i came around a corner!

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