Once Again, It's On...

that dude Tyrese is making plenty noise with his comic MAYHEM! over at Image. the first issue broke the single-store sales record and his online hype machine had so many people calling one store that the owner was turning fans away! well, get ready for round two, as MAYHEM! #2 hits comic shops Wednesday, September 9th. of course, Tyrese's team is already taking pre-orders too at their website, so get it how you want it...
anyways, never one to rest on his achievements, the singer/actor has leaked the cover for issue #3 with art by that dude Jim Lee and colors by Alex Sinclair (seen here on the right,click to enlarge). now he has also announced plans for a romance book called Lovesick that i'm especially interested in, because it will be directed right at his existing fan base... so expect more news on that as i get it. in fact, it looks like i will get a chance to do a phone interview with Tyrese about his comics, movies and whatever else i decide to talk to him about pretty soon... when i talked to him yesterday, he told me some stuff (that i'm not allowed to discuss yet) about his future plans that will raise the eyebrows of fans, critics and haters alike, so stay tuned fam!

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