MJ Wanted To Buy Marvel

according to Stan Lee, Michael Jackson wanted a part in making a Spiderman film bad enough to buy Marvel Comics. Lee, who had visited with Jackson on several occasions, says that MJ made no secret that if Marvel wouldn't deal with him, he was up for purchasing the company! obviously that didn't happen, but with all the uproar over Disney buying the House of Ideas, imagine if Jackson had done it! fanboys would'a been throwing themselves off tall buildings! on the up side, maybe we would'a seen more of Ace Spencer, that bike-riding badass from Spectacular Spiderman Annual # 5-6 who looked oddly similar to a certain smooth criminal who will remain nameless... ah, "What If" indeed, Marvel...


Troy said...

Now that is a revelation. Hmmmm...maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. Jackson buying Marvel, doesn't scare me as much as Disney...but certainly the number of MJ vanity projects under the House of Ideas would've have been overwhelming.

samax said...

yeah, Troy...
that would have been potentially creepy... you think Twilight fans are bad... can you imagine Michael Jackson at Comicon?!

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