MAYHEM fans get it EARLY!

the 3rd issue of Tyrese Gibson's ultraviolent hit comic MAYHEM! is due to land in stores on October 7th, but according to his twitter blast, the books are available to those that wanna get a leg up right now through Meltdown Comics. here's the sales pitch:
Broken and beaten, Mayhem is back to take out Big X and the Four Corners once and for all. An assault by righteousness on evil, from ground floor to penthouse, which will run Mayhem through the ringer, putting all his skill to the ultimate test!
as my readers probably remember, MAYHEM! #1 broke the single store record for issues sold through Meltdown this summer, and the relationship continues to pay dividends for both Tyrese's team and the Meltdown crew, who proudly proclaim on their website that they'll ship your comic anywhere in the world. you can call the store at 323 851.7223 or hit 'em up at if that's how you get down.


B-How said...

I heard that tyrese had his comic book out but I never got a chance to check it out. Shows how long I've been under a rock. Congrats to Tyrese on the success, seems like he's been working his ass off.

samax said...

who knew an image book could come out MONTHLY?!?! but yeah, i'm actually very impressed with his hustle on this. there have been a few missteps, but generally, dude is on top of his game!

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