Fantastic FAIL

Looks like Fox is jumbing on the Reboot Bandwagon with Fantastic Four. in the wake of the Disney takeover, word got out that they have tapped Michael Green- writer/producer on Heroes, Everwood, Smallville and the new Green Lantern joint- to write a screenplay about Marvel's first family. Along with X-men, Spiderman and Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four is one of the Marvel movie properties that Disney didn't snag the film rights to when they bought the House of Ideas for a cool $4 billion. i wouldn't go so far as to say the Fantastic Four movies were garbage, but i WOULD call them ill-conceived. I watch these films like i eat seafood gumbo: i pick out and throw away the parts i don't like. There's actually a lot to like about the films, but i could never bring myself to endorse them. So maybe this time, they will get Dr. Doom and Galactus right.
so what do you guys think? do you think they should reboot it, stick with a sequel, or just let go of the Fantastic Four movie dream? did you like the FF flicks? say something!


wallruss said...

I say they keep rebooting it until they get it right. To give up would be to say that there are no filmmakers good enough to make it work.

Corance said...

I agree. Reboot untill you get it right.

David said...

I liked the FF movies. The second one more than the first. I'll give them a pass on Galactus. The Silver Surfer was great, but I think Mr. Planet-Eater would be hard to do on the big screen. And yes, Dr. Doom wasn't nearly as cool as he could have been.

I'll watch more FF if they make 'em.

Vinh-Luan Luu said...

Unfortunately they already did a great Fantastic Four movie, it was just called The Incredible. =P

bigkuntree said...

Watching the FF movies were more painful than suffering through my Father's lactose intolerance gas fits after eating Mom's mac-n-quadruple cheese!! It would have been nice to for Dr. Doom to have a real bad guy, instead of the Nip/Tuck guy trying to look like a sinister bad yes, PLEASE reboot

samax said...

Vinh-Luan Luu- The Incredibles is definitely proof that Fantastic Four can be done right!

David- i really enjoyed the Silver Surfer, but his hi-def tummy made me cringe. i think it's a cop out to say that a planet-eater can't be done well. destroying the world is a trope in sci-fi movies. they did it at least once a month on Star Trek! they just need to get a REAL director!

bK- Dr. Doom is embarrassingly bad in both films. he doesn't come off as super-smart, and his bad-ass quotient was low. i wish they would let me write a Fantastic Four movie... it would be AWESOME!

thanks for the comments everyone!

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