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i got free previews of Black Panther #9 and The Sword #19 for the people! first, the new Black Panther gets her struggle on against some chick named Predator while dodging bullets and explosions (and looking good doing it). goes with the job sister... i've been enjoying Black Panther since the relaunch. The new Panther has her predecessor's sharp attitude, and i must say i'm intrigued by what they're doing with T'challa (the previous Black Panther) behind the scenes, too. click the pic for a preview of this issue, which drops October 7th.

Meanwhile, everbody's favorite red-headed killing machine Dana Breighton has already merked two of the three immortal elemental siblings who murdered her family, but it looks like their sister Malia is the smartest and deadliest of the three! if you've never read The Sword, this preview can't do anything to prepare you for how good it is, so do yourself a favor and cop the trade paperbacks collecting the series so you can catch up! still, you may as well read this preview anyways! The Sword is my favorite book in years... The Lunas know how to craft a good story that will have you biting your nails (not easy to do while holding a comicbook, i don't mind telling you...), and shocks you by snapping from 0 to 60 in an instant. anyways, The Sword #19 will be in stores September 17th

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