Comicbook World # 35- College Student Kills Burglar with Samurai Sword

East Warrior by Nudition
After being victimized once before (thieves reportedly got him and his roommates for their laptops and a Sony PlayStation), an undergraduate medical student at Baltimore's prestigious Johns Hopkins University went all Rurouni Kenshin on Tuesday, killing a burglar with a samurai sword after he caught the intruder in his garage, police said. The student will not likely be charged with anything if the burglar's death is ruled self-defense.
Ronin by Maverik
Police received a call for help at 1:20 am after the burglar pried open a side-door into the garage of the house, which four students rented off-campus, according to Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. "They asked him to stop and while they called police, the suspect lunged at the student. He then retaliated by striking him with a samurai sword, severed his left hand and gave severe lacerations to the upper torso," he said. "I think everyone has the right to first of all defend themselves and defend their home and if this individual felt that a samurai sword was an appropriate tool to do so, I'm not in a position to say that's good or bad," Guglielmi said.
Africana is Samurai by Evilyn81
Could this be a sign of things to come? could gun-control laws turn the samurai sword into the hot home invasion deterrent? Will rappers start toting them, till they have to be blurred out of rap vids on MTV? after reading about this on the AFP, i was definitely thinking about copping one of those samurai longswords those stinky guys are always selling at comic and anime conventions! i've been thinking about taking martial arts classes, but maybe swordsmanship might be needed as well. hmmm... i wonder if one of those stinky dudes can get me a blade that looks like the Green Destiny...


Ms Angela said...

I didn't have a sword, but when my bi-polar crack-addicted ex-husband crashed through the front door swinging a very sharp Bowie hunting knife, I had only one weapon--a pole that I had pulled out of the closet. We were battling when the police came in, and he didn't even scratch me. Can't say the same for him.

Thank you, Bruce Lee.

Martin Jackson said...

well Angela I'm glad you where able to take out you cracked out ex without being harmed.

I guess he was lucky you didn't have a samurai sword.

Samax said...

Angela, you are now rated H for HELLYES!
good thing the cops got there before you finished him up! way to get your Donatello on!

EzekielRawlins said...

I know I should feel bad about dude losing his hand and being dead and all but man, I can't get past that pic of Africana is Samurai pic.

Troy said...

I can't think of the words to describe how awesomr thids is...

Troy said...

*apparently I can't write the words to describe how awesome this is either

Samax said...

i know, right? everytime i reread this post, i feel glee at the prospect of some dude's hand flying through the air amid as a spray of blood soaks the student in his PJ's holding a samurai sword. this story has ghettoManga written all over it!

i mean, i'm sorry the thief died, but only a little.

EZ- i been looking for an excuse to post that pic for a while! it's SOOOO awesome. if the student samurai would have been a woman, i would'a had to be institutionalized...

B_Steelo said...

It's the comic/manga in you.

I think Champloo/

Corance said...

So, might this mean a sword is stronger than a gun?

“Faith Seeking Understanding” said...

if this is a sign of things to come it looks like i need to invest in a samurai sword and put on the #1 head band...

lol @ "everytime i reread this post, i feel glee at the prospect of some dude's hand flying through the air amid as a spray of blood soaks the student in his PJ's holding a samurai sword."

Samax said...

i could really see people buying swords to protect themselves! think about it: gun control currently requires a waiting period, but you can lay down cash to buy a sword or a big ass knife anytime!

sword combat may be getting ready to make a comeback!
catch your wife in bed w/another man? no problem!
that bitch stole your man?
Knife fight (on some kill bill shit)!

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