New DOOM teeshirts, Interview

StonesThrow Records got these fresh Tees based on the classic Madvillain (MF DOOM and Madlib) collabo video ALL CAPS. they got the villainous imagery in white or black, to keep your boat floatin' in all seasons... give that joint to your favorite bare-chested rapper, so he can stop embarrassing himself for the Man. for those newbies who don't understand the hubbub surrounding the villain, peep some YouTube heat courtesy of StonesThrow...

ALL CAPS by Madvillain (MF DOOM and Madlib)
if you just can't get enough DOOM, pick up a copy of The New Yorker which has a great interview with the Villain. or, if you're like me, click the pic to read a generous excerpt off the StonesThrow blog, instead! they bravely encroach on DOOM's inner sanctum in the ATL and sit at the foot of the underground superstar to ask him all manner of questions... including inquiries into some of his recent villainous activities (sending his DOOMbots to lipsynch at shows, for example). He also speaks on his history as a recording artist and the new Madvillain record. peep that...

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