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for this week's ghettoManga T'ing of the Week we're spotlighting some fancy etched vibrators designed by that dude Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz, Tank Girl). i gaffled this off'a Brandon Graham's (King City, Multiple Warhedz, Escalator) blog, where he was talking about comics artists freelancing on the side: "One of the main things that's important to me in making comics is to not compromise the actual pages I draw. So side work is the ideal way to actually make enough money and not end up drawing off a script you don't like because you need a good page rate and not hoping for a movie deal to bail you out. ya knaw? So, It's awesome to see dudes making impressive work out of the side gigs."
it's been my observation that if you watch any comics artist long enough, you will see them do side gigs. and lots of people use that as an excuse to stop doing comics altogether (the money in illustrating is waaaay better than drawing comics... and easier money), so it's good to hear an artist who puts it in perspective and (in my opinion) has his priorities in order! either way, these joints by Hewlett are awesome! the innuendo in the copy is hilarious, and of course the drawing is splendid. don't ask me where to get them, ladies (or gentlemen...), i just work here. get your google on!


RodBuddah said...

Great perspective!
It's true that design pays ALOT better than just comics... Hmmm...
Maybe that would explain why we never saw SAUL BASS doing Spider-Man.

We've got to make our own way. We're indies. Which makes us free in all the ways that 'they' are not ;)

Samax said...

yeah, but "they" do it too! that's where Joe Mad disappeared to until he returned to do that snooze-worthy Ultimates run with Jeff Loeb. and the great Bill Sienkiewicz also made major paper that way.

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