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I feel it's my patriotic duty to share a heads up about good reads lately that you can pick up in the comic shop. Allow me a brief moment & I'll direct you to a few books worth checking out.
This title has been spotty at best for much of its modern run. I had no intention of picking up the current run either, but as he does with many a innocent, Doom sucked me in. At the comic shop I saw a copy of 583 and flipped through the first few pages. It kinda went like this: Valeria, daughter of Reed and Sue (on track to be as smart as her genius pops) is sneaking through Reed's security system to find out what Dad's been working on. She learns a deadly secret Reed is hiding. So who does she go to about it?

"Uncle" Victor.

The kicker was the art. I've never really followed Steve Epting before, but he killed it on Doom. The shadow work here is amazing. Very dramatic storytelling as well.
I picked up the following issue 584 and am pleased to say it's good too. I'm not calling this earth shattering or anything, but I'm sounding the "hey FF is looking pretty good" alarm. The scope of the writing, by Johnathan Hickman, is BIG imaginary stuff, as Fantastic Four should be. He takes our four characters across the Marvel U with lots of familiar faces (I'll let them be surprises). And the art's solid throughout.

These are part one and two of a storyline called "THREE" which promises to end with...da da dum.... the death of one the four original members.

But yeah, worth picking up.
//Micheal is one-fifth of the mighty GhostWerks crew, as well as being the driving force behind the pleasantly notorious art activist massive called ArtLoveMagic, dedicated to overcoming Evil with good art.//


samax said...

looks good!
Alan Davis and Mark Farmer on covers doesn't suck, either!

Arkonbey said...

Hmm. Might have to check that out. the interior art is pretty tight for Marvel.

The Davis/Farmer cover is such a tease, though! Oh, for them to team up again in the interiors! Dang. I'm gonna have to hit my old Excalibur issues again.

samax said...

Alan Davis and Mark Farmer are a great match. I have lots of their comics, but no Excalibur. Hopefully I'll catch it in some dollar bins... I love the JLA elseworlds book "The Nail"

did Farmer ink that?

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