new sketch- Power Man (work in Progress)

Power Man (detail, full pic below) by samax amen.

real busy lately... so as you may know, I ran a promotion offering a free print for new subscribers to the magazine, and it was fairly popular. The majority wanted a piece of their favorite superhero or rapper, and others wanted a print of an existing image (the Action Jackson joint was popular). The first to sign up was Dwain,  who wanted a drawing of Luke Cage aka Power Man to go along with the print of the immortal Iron Fist that he bought from me this summer. After much serious deliberation, I decided it was only right to go with the silk shirt sporting Luke Cage of my youth. I'm gonna ink and color this, but I figured you'd like to see the pencils...



Arkonbey said...

Ooo. That looks awfully promising. You're going all analog on this one?

samax said...

Kind of...
I will ink it by hand then color it digitally. It will be as close to a "traditional" analog work flow as I ever get anymore.

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