Stan Lee and Ne-Yo building at NYCC

Looks like r&b singer Ne-yo wants to make comics, so he's enlisted Stan "the Man" Lee to help him get his ducks in a row... Excelsior!

Ne-Yo's comic Libra Scale will accompany his upcoming album of the same name. The comic book is about an ordinary guy named Jerome who is granted superpowers on the condition that he never fall in love. Easy, right? Yeah, well the plan goes south when Jerome falls for Pretti Sinclair, who finds herself transformed into the villainous Diamond Eyes, and takes over the city. The album will have five videos (three of which he previewed at NYCC) that coincide with the storyline of the comic, in which Jerome must decide whether to kill Diamond Eyes and keep his powers, or sacrifice himself to save the girl he loves.
The album (and comic) Libra Scale hits stores October 19th.
Props to our sister DJ Fusion of FuseBoxRadio for the video. Get down with FuseBox Radio for more hip hop and soul music without all the bee ess you get from your local station, son! Click here to Check for syndication listings or for some podcasts, fammo!



Vee (Scratch) said...

I saw the first video . . . ehhh, I want to get excited but . . . if the art is tight I might support it.

samax said...

good call! I don't have high hopes, but I guess we'll see. this will be out soon, and there is no artwork on the web... not really a great sign, is it?

That said, I love to hear that this is becoming more common. It bodes well for our medium, I think.

DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio said...

Thanks for posting up the video...much appreciate it! :)

The 1st new Ne-yo music video was...meh. The other ones were pretty decent though and the storyline did actually tie into something and a plot line that made sense.

I do appreciate that Ne-yo at least wasn't trying to do the same ol' type of R&B video or premises lately.

The promo comic they gave everyone was pretty solid w/ the it all will go down at the end, who knows.

Hopefully, it'll make things a bit more interesting in the music realm & get more dope comic book artists some exposure if these trends continue in the future.


DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio/

samax said...

word. I have had serious conversations with a soul singer (who is well-connected, but not "famous" yet) and a rapper (so famous I dare not say who it is, lest I jinx it!) who are both interested in doing comics projects with me to coincide with album releases, so I dare to say we'll see more of if (and hopefully I'LL be DOING more of it) in the future, but of course, time will tell...

corance said...

I will say this. The plot lends itself to being dramatic and emotionally exciting. They've got my attention.

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