PREVIEW: Blood On The Streets #3

Dude I'm busy, but you know what it is: blah blah Misty Knight yada yada Daredevil, etc dope blah tight...
Misty Knight... The Shroud... Silver Sable... Paladin! 
The Sales Pitch
As Shadowland continues to spread across New York City, the strange bedfellows finally come together—each struggling to solve the mystery of the Hand murders! The killing spree shows no sign of stopping, but the ninja’s latest victim is an unusual choice, and casts doubt among our heroes! Will their differences and mistrust keep them apart? Or can they work together to cut through the mystery before it’s too late...and before one of them becomes the next target?

So we already know there's gonna be a Hero-For-Hire series starting in December, so at least we know Misty's not gonna get killed...   hopefully the new/old prices will kick in so THAT series isn't $4 each (oh, you didn't know that my boycott of $4 comics got DC and Marvel to roll back prices to $3 an issue? yeah, you're welcome). Anyways, Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #3 hits stores tomorrow, Wednesday October 13th, so prepare the fatted calf and cop it... I gotta get back to work.


Vee (Scratch) said...

I'm kind of surprised about the price reduction but I welcome it.

samax said...

It's a nice gesture. Comics fans are already stretched to the breaking point (those who didn't break already).

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