GMQ Fall issue available on IndyPlanet!

Word is starting to come back positive from the preorderers and subscribers, so I can confidently report that the Fall issue of  GhettoManga Quarterly doesn't suck! And now you can cop it on IndyPlanet. Here's the Sales Pitch and some preview pages
*MANCHILD by Samax Amen- In this corner we have a pissed off three-year-old with a thirty eight revolver. In the other corner, we have a cybernetically enhanced retrieval team hellbent on bringing the kid back to... whatever... 
*IF I WAS DICK by Joshua Boulet- Let me just say this: Dick Chaney is SO gangster... you don't even KNOW!!! 
*PYROTECHNIC PORNO BABIES: YETI SPERM by Brock Rizy - no, that's not a typo. There really is a comic in this issue starring the super-short geniuses that the mayor calls to tackle problems too OFFENSIVE for the regular authorities handle! 

We also have a review and an eight page preview of FELIPE SMITH'S groundbreaking culture clash manga PEEPO CHOO in our Right-to-Left section, courtesy of Verticle. All that PLUS Corance's Top 5, BegBorrowSteal, Movies That Should Be Comics, and more!

Dope, right? So anyways, click here to order or subscribe on the blog sidebar.
We don't have any shows planned for the rest of the year, so this is pro'lly the best way to cop this issue, unless You can wait until 2011. Or I guess you can have your comic shop email me at to order one for you. If any more shows are added to the schedule, I'll be sure to let you know!

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