Start the day off RIGHT w/ODB

good morning fam... While you were clocking zees, I was putting the finishing touches on Herman Heed 2. I'm fairly sure I couldn't have made it if I didn't have the teevee on Backspin satellite radio channel, which rotated through random classic hip hop joints. Eventually, it landed on OBD's classic joint Brooklyn Zoo... then it was REALLY on...

so I listened to a lotta nice music last night, but I spent half the night rewinding and replaying Brooklyn Zoo. rest in peace and thanks a lot, Osiris...
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Vee (Scratch) said...

I'm a fan of ODB and all that but I wouldn't start the day off with his music. Too loud and chaotic. I would rock some Wu around noon. Ha!

samax said...

fair enough. That's how I wake up sometimes! lol!

B_Steelo said...

ODB is better that coffee and Red Bull.

3rd favorite Wu joint

samax said...


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