PREVIEW: Thunderbolts #149

 Luke Cage doesn't appear in this 6 page preview of Thunderbolts #149 but I assure you that he's in charge of the Thunderbolts, the (now) government-sponsored program to reform supervillains. Except in this case he puts veteran team-member the Fixer on point when he sends them into the sewers under Hell's Kitchen to face the super-powered ninjas of the Underhand. I for one am really feeling the direction of the Thunderbolts under writer Jeff Parker and artist Declan Shalvey. For those of you that would enjoy it too, here's another preview!
Here's the Sales Pitch:
A SHADOWLAND TIE-IN! Luke Cage’s squad of fierce felons face the nature of true evil when they uncover secrets of the ancient order known as The Hand beneath Hell's Kitchen! Will a group of people rarely known for doing the right thing choose a higher path—or will they add to the power of the ninja cult? Meanwhile, as Cage fights to help his friend Daredevil up on the streets, he realizes that he picked a bad time to trust his skeleton crew of criminal operatives on an unsupervised mission!

Thunderbolts #149 hits shops Wednesday October 27.

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