PREVIEW: Eriq La Salle's "25 to Life #2"

the second issue of Eriq La Salle's psychological thriller/ cop drama 25 To Life hits comic shops this Wednesday, October 20th and the fine folks at CBR were kind enough to drop this 6 page preview for you. It's a good idea to peep the similar preview I posted for the first issue, but I don't think it's necessary if you're in a hurry...
Here's the Sales Pitch
F.B.I. Special Agent Gabriel Santana and his elite team continue to track the killer of multiple African-American police officers across Virginia. As the clues unfold, Pratt, the incarcerated militia leader who has been coerced into helping Santana, provides detailed insight into the Mountaineer Militia -- the group he led before his conviction, and the focus of the investigation. But is Pratt actually cooperating, or is he only manipulating the team and biding his time?
As Santana and Pratt continue their high-stakes chess game, more blood is left on the streets, and the clock continues to tick for the next victim. Don’t miss the next thrilling installment of this provocative new series!

Police brutality never gets old, does it? Anyways, like I said, this drops Wednesday, October 20th.
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