Jake Parker's Missile Mouse 2 is on Amazon

Looks like Jake Parker is finished with the second book in the Missile Mouse OGN series Rescue on Tankium 3.

The Sales Pitch:
Missile Mouse is back in action for an amazing new adventure!
The daring agent Missile Mouse must help free a planet forced into slavery by evil King Bognarsh. But things get dicey when Bognarsh hires the Blazing Bat to take Missile Mouse out before he can shut the operation down.
Missile Mouse 2: Rescue on Tankium has a release date of January 1st, but you can preorder your copy now on Amazon. Click here to preorder. To read my review of the first Missile Mouse book, click here.



Arkonbey said...

Yeah, I've been waiting for that!

Shoot some love to his site. Just after his move to Utah, he got his face smashed in an accident and snapped a tooth off! At list his hands and his brain are okay

samax said...

yeah, I know.

I actually got this info from his blog.

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