NBA to the rescue?

 yeah, so I'm pretty excited about the start of the NBA season...

I was never able to get into baseball (congratulations to the Texas Rangers and their fans for making their first world series bid), and I like football well enough, but basketball is easily my favorite sport. I am one of the few people who cares more about the NBA than college ball, I am also one of the rare people who watches preseason games. Most people have already penciled the new-look Miami Heat and the Lakers into the NBA Finals, but I am very interested to see how the season goes.
So far, I have seen the Heat, but Wade was out with an injury. Boston looks nice. After watching how he played with Team USA, I'm looking forward to seeing how Durant and the OKC Thunder do, especially after putting a scare into Lakers fans in last year's playoffs. Durant's star is definitely on the rise. Orlando is undefeated in the preseason, which I know doesn't really matter, but still. There are as many good stories to follow in the NBA as there are in comics, which I suppose is the point of this ESPN the magazine cover. That, and selling the Thor, Captain America and Avengers movies Marvel has in the pipe. Anyways, I'm looking forward to the start of my favorite sports season...


MeccaGodZilla said...

I watched Atlanta vs Miami the other day... i remember ranting the last 30 seconds of the game.. the heat were down by 6 points.. Lebron drives and one fouls..they all just stop playing!

In my's preseason yeah but i'm like how quickly we forget what Reggie Miller did to the Knicks

I just don't get Lebron .. i like him at times...but what i saw in the 4th selfish...I am just not sure he has it in him, to pass the ball and get his teammates involved at the right times.. he was going nut but the rest of his team was just cold.. it was sad to watch..i hope Miami does way better than what i saw the other day :-) The last 30 seconds of the game was wack.. miami stopped's preseason..just compete.. ur competing to win eh..maybe it's just me lol

bro this post is awesome.. much respect!

samax said...

thanks, Mecca...
I'm with you about LeBron. He has serious basketball talent. But he plays like a bully. He is a phenomenal front-runner, but doesn't always handle adversity well.

His behavior after defeats has at times been cringe-worthy. When defeated by the Magic, Lebron refused to shake hands with opponents and sent his point guard out to answer questions. When he did eventually face the press, he excused his behavior saying he "hates to lose"...

whatever man...

Miami will be in better shape when the REAL boss D.Wade returns from injury. Bron joined Wade in Miami because he didn't feel confident enough in his skills as a first and last option.

Hopefully the coaching staff and Lebron recognize that it's Wade's team. If not, we may see Pat Riley come down from the box to coach if the team doesn't start out strong.

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