Brandon Graham's getting some of that Vertigo paper

Brandon leaked some pages from his work on the new Vertigo House of Mystery Halloween Annual in my direction... I had to share it with you, 'cause that's how I am...

The House of Mystery Halloween Annual also features work by Matt Wagner (Grendel), Matthew Sturges (Midwinter), Peter Milligan (Human Target, X-Statix), Luca Rossi, Mike Carey, Peter Gross and more. The Mystery Halloween Annual is in stores now. So cop that. To peep more Brandon Graham heat, click here.

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Arkonbey said...

Damn. Now I have to get that. Jeez.

You and your previews/enabling my habit.

Also, my wife and I want to thank you for introducing us to Shadoweyes. She read it three times in one day, it was so awesome.

Thanks, man!

samax said...

No problem.

Ross Campbell is the gift that keeps on giving! his work is so attractive. It pulls you in for real!

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