C.Truth gets at @KharyRandolph for CAC-TV and @thermalSoundwav

You know we cuts for that dude Khary (like Atari) Randolph here at GhettoManga, so when I was cruising through Crazy Al Cayne's site and saw this interview C. Truth did with Khary, I had to get my embed on...

We've been feeling Khary Randolph's work for a minute. Y'all pro'lly know I cuts for that Stan Lee project Starborn he was referring to,but while you're here, peep this sample from his Aspen book Charismagic.
Here's the sales pitch:

Journey into a world where the lines between magic and reality are blurred…And where one man will soon find himself as the last remaining hope for all mankind.
In Las Vegas, luck is everything. For Sin City’s leading ‘entertainer,’ Hank the Magnificent, his luck as Vegas’ most illustrious and famous magician is about to run out! When the powers of an ancient magic once imprisoned in another realm spring forth into our reality searching for revenge at all costs, Hank soon finds himself at the center of an undying war between the forces of truth and a devastating plague of growing evil—and his hopes for survival are slim at best! Creatures of magic and myth, wizards and sorcerers, druids, witches, and beasts of legend fill the pages of Aspen’s all-new action-adventure series!

So there you go. Good luck finding this in stores. Hopefully, Aspen will publish it in trades soon. Anyways, Nuff respect to Crazy Al Cayne and C. Truth for the fresh interview! 
Meanwhile, Khary's got bills, so head over to the store at Kharupt.com and cop something, like that Pimpjooze7 sketchbook. And tell 'im ya heard about it here, tough guy!


Adofo said...

found myself straining my eyeballs to see young Storms teenage booty in the background. Get Money My Nagas and keep your soul in the process! If u can.

samax amen said...

I got your back, Wolf...

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