If you read the award-winning science hero comic CHEW you're already familiar with the series' breakout supporting character, POYO, the fighting rooster. Everybody knows how much I love chicken, cybernetic organisms, and kicking the crap out of Satan's minions, so you know I'm already counting my pennies to get this one...

Jeez... just don't tell him I had chicken for lunch, okay? CHEW: Secret Agent Poyo #1 will be available in comics shops July 11th. While you're here, peep these pages from CHEW #27.
Here's the sales pitch:

"Space Cakes," Part Two
Remember last year when CHEW shocked, confounded and enraged the entire comic book industry and indeed the entire world by printing an issue out of sequence? Here's that issue all over again, in order and in context, and now jam-packed with extras and supplemental material so you'll feel just fine about handing us 299 pennies all over again!

This issue is in stores now.  Get yours, or cop the trades like I do. 

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