LeSean Thomas' documentary series "SEOUL SESSIONS Episode 1" is here!

This week, the fine folks at Creative Control finally debuted their documentary series Seoul Sessions, starring that dude LeSean Thomas, teevee animation Producer/Director on shows such as The Boondocks, The Legend of Korra, and Adult Swim's upcoming joint Black Dynamite: The Animated Series. Peep the first episode below as LeSean explains why he moved to South Korea, and how he acclimated himself to a new language and culture...

LeSean is a seriously inspiring dude, and as always he drops mad jewels, probably without even realizing it. He's super confident, and has the talent, drive and work ethic to back it up. A lot of dudes talk noise, but he has a resume that makes a documentary like this a must-see. Anyways, the next episode of Seoul Sessions drops June 30th, tough guy! 
See ya then! 


Mike Hawthorne said...

I have so much respect for Lesean for this. Takes balls to make a power move like that. Bravo!

Samax said...

Word. Absolutely!

corance said...

Extremely impressive. This brother is a true role model. They should show this in schools all over the hood. Just so kids can know what you can achieve when you're willing to learn.

Samax said...


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