Jim Mahfood on G4's AOTS + Food's new "LA Ink Stains" TPB & Liquid Television teaser video.

Peep your manz Jim Mahfood aka FOOD ONE on G4's Attack of the Show, then feast your eyes on some pages of his webcomic- turned- autobio- trade paperback Los Angeles Ink Stains. You can also get a peek at concept art for his upcoming Liquid Television show Disco Destroyer. I should'a made 3 separate posts about all this, but I got shit to do. You're welcome.

Here's the sales pitch:
At last! Cult favorite Jim Mahfood's mega-popular gonzo-style autobio web comic is collected in print, for the first time ever!! Relive the action, the late night destruction, the traveling, the comic cons, the dance parties, the art-makin' and the love-takin' all in this ridiculously handsome volume. Plus, exclusive new strips created just for this book and a snazzy photo section, too!

Dope, right? Click here to cop it. So anyways, here's a concept piece for that upcoming cartoon Disco Destroyer that I snatched off FOOD's blog, plus a little video I found on the Liquid teevee site that has more concept isht from the show...

Jim Mahfood LTV Vidiary from Liquid TV on Vimeo.

I didn't find a debut date anywhere for Disco Destroyer, but when I find out, I'll drop it here, so stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Man, I hate living overseas. Wanted too watch the Youtube video, but it says:"The uploader has not made this video available in your country" That truly sucks.

samax amen said...

That's wack. It should default to international viewing. I'm sure they have no beef with your country...

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