"Listen to my song before I strong arm the industry, blow up like a bomb, don't even forewarn the enemy..."-Myth #strangeFruitProject

Maybe it's just the Texas in me, but I love me some Strange Fruit Project. Which makes it all the more shocking to me that I totally missed A Dreamer's Journey when it came out in the fall of 2011. Totally...

"But in the D I am the cardiac and iller than the Waco street the three of us had started at..." -MyOne

There's no reason most of you would know this, but I was born in Waco, Texas where these cats are from. I grew up about an hour away in Killeen (Roo Dawgs), and after high school lived there for about 9 months after high school before I went to college. I returned there  intermittently, crashing at my sister's house while I got my act together. I generally found Waco to be my own personal Hell (yeah, capital H), so much so that I never even considered moving back there after I escaped, even after my Mom and sisters all bought big, old houses there. A nice place to visit, but live there? Hell, nawl! 
Now before all my Waco area readers find my email address and let me have it, I really believe God just knew he didn't want me to be there. I didn't meet a single person while I was there that even listened to the kind of hip hop I liked, let alone made the stuff. And yet, after settling in Dallas I found Myone, Symbolyc One and Myth, known collectively around the world (really!) as the Strange Fruit Project, and these Waco natives make the kinda music I like, and they fucking make it WELL! Who knows, if I had heard this kinda stuff while I was still living there, I might not have been so desperate to leave. Wouldn't have went to the University of North Texas, and met my future wife. Never have fathered my daughter Marley. Thank God for that...
Yeah, I'm getting all spiritual on you... It's not my fault. You know that dude Symbolyc One is on the production, and the same excellence he's been lending to all the pop rappers and R&B divas y'all love so much is on full display on A Dreamer's Journey. And God gave this cat a gift for music on some David-on-the-harp-soothe-the-savage-beast type shit. Plus, Myone and Myth are on their A games as well. As happy as I was to see a nice guy like S1 get props, bigger jobs, and even a Grammy, I prayed that his success didn't mean I'd heard the last Strange Fruit record, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover A Dreamer's Journey in my Facebook timeline. Thank God for that too.
So anyways, click here to lay down a paltry sum and download A Dreamer's Journey via the miracle of bandcamp.


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