preview- "GLORY: DESTROYER Part Two"

The Cast of Glory by Ross Campbell. left to right: a tail belonging to a mysterious soon-to-be-introduced character, Glory's dad Silverfall, Glory's mom Demeter, Henry, Riley Barnes, Glory herself, and Gloria West...
Yup. I'm on the edge of my seat or whatever... 

cover art by Kris Anka
Here's the Sales Pitch:
Glory's home in Mont St. Michel is under siege. Her allies are not prepared. Not everyone survives.

[FULL DISCLOSURE] I didn't read this preview because there is a 100% chance that I will buy this comic tomorrow. OKAY, I GLANCED AT IT, JEEZ... it looks awesome, as usual. So yeah, feel free to get at me in the comments. DESTROYER: Part Two also known as Glory #27 hit stores Wednesday, June 20th.


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