KICKSTART THIS- "Princess Lucinda" Channel M's Anti-Disney Princess graphic novel

You may already know we're taking pre-orders and getting support for our comic about the world's greatest kid hero, but we also wanna let you know about those crazy cats at Channel M...  They're Kickstarting their urban fantasy book starring a young lady from the other side of the moral divide...

"Remember all those Walt Disney Princesses?" asks series writer  Malcolm Harris. "They were always the 'good girls' being abused by the bad guy (usually an Evil Queen or Witch)? Lucinda’s story is the exact opposite of that; she’s the Anti-Disney Princess. Her folks were the evil rulers of a trans-dimensional empire that they ruled with an iron fist; but as stories like that tend to end, the forces good… usually show up and kill the evil mother and father."
Yeah, Lucinda's an orphan, who finds herself taken away from the only life she's ever known and stranded on Earth. But before you start feeling sorry for her, she makes sure everyone around her feels her pain...

After getting rave reviews on Comicvine (twice) and Ain't It Cool News, Channel M's "fancy french artist" bailed on them.  So they are relaunching the comic as two sixty-plus page graphic novels with a new artist, worldwide distribution, and all the appropriate ballyhoo.
And there's rewards and stuff. Click here to spread Lucinda's evil comic to the four corners of the globe, tough guy!



Arkonbey said...

This looks pretty cool! I'll have to check the budget. I like that it's not a magic user killing people with magic; I mean regular weapons work fine. Messing with people with magic is a lot more fun.

samax amen said...

Yeah, Lucinda leaves her subjects alive so she can bust their chops!

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