Wet Moon Vol 6 release date on the Horizon

I'm glad to hear that the 6th volume of Ross Campbell's genre-bending girl-centric OGN series Wet Moon will be out a little earlier than expected! Previews has the book scheduled to drop in awesome comic shops like mine on September 5th, which is only three shorts months away. Let's look at some preview pages to celebrate! Remember, if you haven't read volume 5, you might learn something you don't wanna know, so proceed with caution...

Last chance... SPOILERS ABOUND...

This is how good Ross is: The girls in Wet Moon change clothes (duh!) and hairstyles frequently, and you can still tell who's who. In black and white! Okay, if you've never tried to draw a comic, maybe you don't know how hard that is. Okay, I'll leave that alone. Just be happy with me that Wet Moon 6 is coming September 5th.



Arkonbey said...

While I LOVE the Wet Moon stuff he's posting on his DA site, I never got into the comic.

I'm just waiting, patiently, hopefully for Shadoweyes Unmasked.

samax amen said...

My friend Mike had the exact same experience. I suppose for me, I was getting into Indie books and away from mainstream stuff at the time I discovered his work, and had never up to that point come across anyone with the set of skills he has, and was blown away by the virtuosity of his comics. Plus, it felt so real to me. I have always been surrounded by girls my whole life (single parent home with a mom and two older sisters and all their friends. Plus I'm the type of dude that girls want to be "just friends" with.), and Wet Moon feels SO familiar to me.
Now, I'm thinking it was a really well-constructed ruse to lure unsuspecting girls into reading a horror story using slice-of-life storytelling as the bait. In which case, Ross is an evil genius.

We'll see...

dils santos said...

much good this comics is show

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