Just bought "The Last Prince of Atlantis" for my Kindle Fire

So my lovely wife bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas, but I had yet to buy a book on it until now. I bought The Last Prince of Atlantis by Leonard Clifton today. I'm excited to read it, even though I haven't read a novel in years...

Here's the Sales Pitch:
Allen King is a 15 year old African American male teenager living in a blue collar family in Miami, Florida. Allen immediately discovers after finding a crystal necklace that he’s an alien hybrid prince of ancient royalty. Suddenly things change as this shy teenager becomes a strong leader by having the power of telepathy and teleportation besides communicating with sea animals. Allen is aided by a beautiful young Greek goddess, two orphan teens and his boisterous uncle. Together while keeping the earth safe they fight Allen's immortal enemies as they try to restore his kingdom, the lost city of Atlantis.

Atlantis is well-tread territory in fiction, but it never gets old to me. Like every other comic book dude, I have my own spin on Atlantis, so I always enjoy checking other takes on it. Once I read the book, I'll make sure to let y'all know what I thought! You don't have to wait on me, of course. You can click here to cop it on Amazon (the digital version I bought is less than $3.50), or get it where ever books are sold, fam! Also, bounce over and like The Last Prince of Atlantis on Facebook.

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