Comicbook World #68- This animal can survive in the vacuum of SPACE!

People often ask me where I get the ideas for my comics. The answer is real life of course! If you need inspiration for alien creatures, giant monsters or denizens of the deepest pits of hell, just go to your friendly neighborhood science website...

I give you the water bear. This microscopic creature can survive the massive pressures of the world's deepest ocean trenches, temperatures extremes hotter than boiling water and almost absolute zero. It can actually live in the vacuum of space and endure over 1,000 times the amount of radiation that would kill any other living thing we know of.
OH SHIT! A Water Bear!
Imagine one of these rising up out of the ocean, only it's 50 stories tall. Or maybe a meteor lands in the suburbs, and there's a bunch of these curled up like roly polies in the rubble that awaken at the touch, infest your brain, and make you do stuff. Just take reality and make stranger fiction out of it!

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