#Kickstart THIS- Kung Fu Swagga: Welcome 2 Brickhaven

Ever since I first encountered  Houston-based writer Adrian Engmann on these internets, I have been waiting to see the release of Kung Fu Swagga, his hip hop martial arts comic. Now, the book is on Kickstarter. Peep a quick preview...
Here's the Sales Pitch:
15 year old Jason Stonewall and his father, Raymond Stonewall return to the American town of Brickhaven after a year long training sojourn overseas in the East. Now the young martial arts prodigy must deal with his first day as a freshman in high school, b-boy bullies, girls, Brickhaven High's most notorious gang, the SHO'GUNNZ and their menacing leader, the Banchō Gangsta - - FA'SHO!

Yeah, you're welcome. Adrian has been working hard to get a Kung Fu Swagga mini together for a minute, and done the footwork to secure professional grade talent. "I spent a considerable amount of my personal savings..." Engmann reveals on the crowd-funding site for KFS. "I realized it may not be enough to complete the initial run in a timely basis." To that end, click here to bounce over to Kickstarter to see how you can help make the magic happen and net some sweet rewards!


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