"I ain't a savior, just your neighbor like amazing Peter. Minus the spider bite,the webs, the aunt & uncle neither" -Jean Grae

This is what happens when you let an artist's artist like Jean Grae hold the steering wheel: The mighty Jeanius write her own rhymes, made the beat and directed and edited the video for Kill Screen. It was more than the internets could handle...

Jean Grae is one of the illest emcees doing it. I keep hearing all this bad-mouthing of New York rap... Well, Jean is nicer than your favorite rapper on his best day, or damn close. Her only limits are embodied in her insistence to be true to the art. Yeah, I'm stanning, and seeing her get her maestro on like this is only making me heart her even more. 

Yes, this track is inspired by the video game documentary The King of Kong. "I watched The King of Kong and thoroughly both respected and understood Steve Wiebe’s drive and passion." Jean said, speaking of the movie's likeable everyman star. "I like rooting for the underdog. I understand being the underdog." 
Kill Screen is a bonus track on Grae's upcoming album Gotham Down. If you're anything like me, you're wondering if you somehow missed her long-awaited Cake or Death album. You can stop hyperventilating you silly boy... Cake or Death is still coming. It's kind of a prequel to Gotham Down, which tells "the stories of a superhero gone rogue, turned villainous." That's what I'M talm' bout!
"Basically, it’s a kick-ass story about the good and evil within us," Grae elaborates. "our abilities to do superhuman things, and the understanding of our place in the multiverse. And boys."


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