In Stores NOW- "Prince of Cats" by Ron mother-effing Wimberly

It had to happen eventually: Those ruthless bastards at Vertigo have unleashed Ron Wimberly (known in the international intelligence community by his codename D-pi) on that unsuspecting sliver of the public that still reads comics.  The visual assault comes in the form of Wimberly's new graphic novel Prince of Cats, which is in stores right now...
Here's the Sales Pitch:
This hip-hop retelling of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet focuses on Tybalt (derisively referred to as “the Prince of Cats”) and his Capulet crew as they do battle nightly with the hated Montagues. Set in a Blade Runner-esque version of Brooklyn, PRINCE OF CATS is a mix of urban drama, samurai action and classic Shakespearean theater...all written in iambic pentameter! Don’t miss this original graphic novel written and illustrated by Ronald Wimberly (SENTENCES: THE LIFE OF M.F. GRIMM)!

I didn't realize this was out. I'll have a copy in my hands by Friday, but I happily recommend that you get it asap. Ron is an under-appreciated visionary (an ARTIST in every sense of the word), so I'm sure Prince of Cats is gonna be dope... Once I get my copy and get a chance to read it I'll write a review, but don't wait on me! Go to your comic shop and get it, or click here to cop Prince of Cats on Amazon.


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