Preview- "The 50th Law" comic adaptation by that dude Dave Crosland.

Did you know that one of our favorite indie cartoonists Dave Crosland (Everybody's Dead, Scarface:Scarred for Life) did the comics adaptation of 50 Cent's book the The 50th Law? Yeah, me neither...

I have no idea how long this book has been out, but  I figured some of my readers might dig it. This comic version of The 50th Law is based on the autobiography/self-help book of the same name 50 dropped in 2009, co-written by Robert Greene.
Click Here to cop a free download of the first chapter. You can order the whole book in digital or paperback formats too. I'm not really a fan of 50's music, but I think a lot can be learned from his hustle. Plus, Dave Crosland is nice. Just sayin'...


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