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A couple readers here and there have been asking about Herman Heed. I've been hard at work on it since I wrapped the Fall 2010 issue of GhettoManga Quarterly . Here's the first chapter of Herman Heed: The Case of the Most Valuable Video Game Ever Made (or as I like to call it, Most Valuable). It's the second book starring the preteen detective and his rascally rival Cullen Caine. It's written by Abram Valdez and Brandon May, who work for the company that contracted me to draw it. The company uses the comics as part of a computer-based educational tool (they don't print them),  so working with this client means I get paid to draw well-written, multicultural comics, and help kids improve their reading skills at the same time!

More than a few readers have already shown interest in purchasing Herman Heed books, but as of right now, there are no plans to print them. I plan to ask the client if they will allow me to do small print runs of the books to help promote their product, so we'll see how that goes... so please let me know what you think, okay? (To read the next episode, click here)



B_Steelo said...

most impressive. The photoshop style came up

samax said...

thanks! stay tuned...

dennmann said...

Nice work. I can't wait to get my issue of Ghetto Manga. If they are even close to this Herman strip, we have a homerun.

Jamar said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see more. Your storytelling has really leveled up!


samax said...


Denny, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the comics in the new GhettoManga issue!

@Jamar- thanks a ton! stay tuned...

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