Black Dynamite + Adult Swim = HELLYES

That dude Carl Jones (The Boondocks) has released a couple stills from the new Black Dynamite cartoon he's producing for Adult Swim, and I figured you'd wanna see 'em...

Michael Jai White and company are still basking in the glow of the cult success of their blaxploitation revival flick Black Dynamite and they aren't slowing the love train down, they're smashing the gas. In addition to the cartoon, they're also dropping a one-shot comicbook, Black Dynamite: Slave Island, at NYCC in October.  I expect they will show a trailer or some teaser material at the convention too... wish I could make it. Anyways, y'all know I'm infatuated with movies being made into comics, so I hope the one-shot is successful enough to spawn a series or even an OGN series. I'll make sure to release more info as I get it...


Sensibly_sutpid said...

ooooh joy upon muthalovin joy! thas wassup! cant wait :-)

samax said...

same here. I watch very little teevee, but I will tune in to watch this AND dvr it! LOL!

Vee (Scratch) said...

Wish I had the whole dvr set up. I basically miss everything I want to see.

But if I miss this on tv, I will purchase the DVD. The movie was hilarious! I need the soundtrack.

samax said...

@ Scratch- for better or worse, DVR has resurrected my teevee watching, which was 100% dead in the water when I got married in '07.

I'm definitely looking forward to this show!

B_Steelo said...

I'm glad the got the same creative team...or at least a good chunk of it from what I can see.

fluxwonda said...

Man, Bout time cats come out with some fly cartoons. Shit! HAAAAAAAA! Appreciate the posts as always. FANGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

samax said...


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