Start the Day off RIGHT w /Alkhemi Jones

It's been a while since I posted any new music from the lovely and talented Alkhemi Jones, but I think this Southern belle is loaded with musical talent, including a gift for outside the box rhyme-writing, and fresh vocal delivery. If this new song, Dreamin' is any indication of what she's got cooking, heads will definitely be talking about her particular brand of voodoo soon enough...

I lost track of her for a minute, but recently rediscovered Alkhemi on Twitter, and the Dallas-to-Atlanta transplant is looking and sounding great in this promo for the upcoming video Dreamin'... Alkhemi is at her best when she's sticking close to her roots, which are tied to the Dallas underground hip hop soul.

She shines best when she gets creative lyrically, which producers don't always want to let female emcees do. I like Dreamin' which takes advantage of how clever she can be on the mic, and that's what I'm hoping their game plan is for her album. I know that a big part of what sells female artists is sex appeal, but honestly, clever chicks are pretty sexy too...


Anonymous said...

Dreamin ya'll!! Alkhemi Jones is taking over the internet. I've also heard this on love her presence in front of the camera. She understands how to work it from every angle plus the song is hot! Not the tradtional mainstream artsit and that’s what I like the most…she’s unique & different. She has her own style & sound. *KUDOS*

samax said...

word. thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Alkhemi Jones is the hotness! Goodlookin on the info!

samax said...

that's what's up.

Anonymous said...

Dope! Her voice is truly unique. Follow her on twitter

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