Hieroglyphics limited edition Canvas joint

yeah, that's Del standing next to The Valley of the Kings, WAIL's new limited edition print featuring the mighty Hieroglyphics crew.

They're releasing two sizes of the print. there will be 280 copies of the 40"x40" joint and only 20 copies of the 60"x60" joint. The piece was created by WAIL (When Art Imitates Life), the Los Angeles-based music-minded art company founded by Sway and Tech of the World Famous Wake Up Show. Having completed  a series featuring Wu-Tang founder, The RZA, WAIL set their sights on canonizing the mighty Hieroglyphics crew!

Each canvas is signed by the Hiero crew, and numbered so you know the deal. This is out of my price range (I mean, I make comics after all) but a pretty cool collectible if you got the bread, so click here to order.


Edward said...

Really!? I can see that as album cover but it's not really something I can see hanging on my wall. Don't get me wrong, I love The Hiero crew but I think they could have come up with a better piece than that.

samax said...

I said the same thing about the one they did for the RZA... but when I look at that price tag, I know I'M not the one they're targeting!

Time will tell if it works for 'em, I guess!

ProPoGanda said...

the rza concept is decent, certain aspects of the execution coulda been tweaked...not diggin the g.washington garments at all, make dude look mad corny...nice touch replacing the soldiers with martial arts/ninja type hedz(whatupp Ason!)Prolly a bit too painterly, wu inspires sup'm a bit more graphic, think Bob Digi in Stereo album cover.

samax said...

Yeah, I didn't see the relevance of George Washington. I would have liked something samurai or ninja related, but maybe that was too obvious?

ProPoGanda said...

obvious yes, but is wu, so hedz expect that, so in this case the obvious would meet expectations (mine at any rate)

samax said...

me too!

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