PREVIEWS: Silver Surfer and Orc Stain TPB by James Stokoe

Peep some hyper-detailed Galactus and Silver Surfer art by James Stokoe (of the mighty Meathaus collective), who has a five pager in Marvel's Strange Tales II #3. I've been checking this dude out for a minute. He takes detailed art to an almost masochistic level. I bet he gets hand-cramps like you wouldn't believe...

in case you didn't know, Stokes is the demented mind behind the Image sleeper fantasy Orc Stain. I also really dug his sci-fi action cooking OGN* series Wonton Soup so I'm definitely getting my hands on the upcoming Orc Stain trade paperback asap. Here's some Orc Stain previews I found on CBR.

Yeah. this dude is straight looney.  Orc Stain Volume 1 drops in December. Click here to pre-order and reserve a copy on Amazon. Marvel Strange Tales II #3 which features Stokoe's Silver Surfer short, will be in stores December 8th.


Taj said...

Wow. That is...Wow.

samax said...

LOL! I know, right! Stokoe is crazy!

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