Start the day off RIGHT w/Brother Ali

 my Philly-bred big- brother- in-comics Jamar took a break from slobbering all over Kanye to turn me on to this dude Brother Ali. Dude is straight mustard*... no fast cars, no big booty chicks, no bullshit. Hard raps grown folks need not feel guilty for liking over beats that should move you... A winning combo unless you're in the mood for some dumb shit.

This video for Breaking Dawn (from his new album Us)is fresh, too. It's appealing to me when singers don't appear in a video, letting the subject matter take center stage (or, when there IS subject matter). Something different, for a change. (for the record, I'm sure Brother Ali enjoys nice cars and the occasional big booty chick, so you don't have to email me any cell phone pics).


Jamar said...

Yo that's slander! I'm nowhere near slobber.

samax said...

"No it is NOT! I RESENT THAT! Slander is spoken. In print, it's Libel." - J Jonah Jameson

Maybe I unfairly identify you with the segment of voices that is constantly trying convince me that Kanye is some sort of genius that is making hip hop better. That segment collectively is way past slobbering.

I never really talk about Kanye anymore, because I have very little positive to say about him, and I don't like to rant about things I don't like.

You are the closest person to me who consistently comes up saying "OMG!!! DID YOU SEE THAT NEW KANYE VIDEO" (no, Jamar doesn't say OMG or type in all caps. lol), so in my life, you are the leader of the Kanye Pep Squad. Maybe that designation is not fair. Sorry.

My media player has lots of testaments to Kanye's talent, but I think he has long since become a brand (like Dr. Dre for example) that is perceived as more than what he is.

ProPoGanda said...

that forrest whittaker joint is smash...large up brother ali

samax said...

Thanks for commenting!

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