"Brown Study" is Stores NOW!

If you've been hanging around here very long, you know I loves me some Boog Brown. So you might also figure out on your own that I'm happy to report that Brown Study, her collabo plate w/Apollo Brown (no relation) is in stores now, waiting to separate you from your hard-earned scrilla.

If you- like me- pick the rappers you follow by their ability to hold the mic, regardless of gender, then you need to get next to Boog Brown and the motley clique of midwestern ne'er-do-wells she rolls with on these tracks.

Apollo shows he knows how to evoke a range of emotions on this record, and Boog introspective lyrics and knowing vocal delivery makes the most of it, taking advantage of the opportunity to drop some well-composed wisdom on listeners.

Far from dropping a bunch of that idiotic handbag rap that today's girl rappers are famous for, Boog effectively walks the line between personal and relatable, between explicit and ambiguous, adding tons of weight to Apollo's moody tracks. I won't try to tie Boog and Apollo together permanently, but everyone knows I like the consistency of longstanding emcee-beatsmith duos (Gang Starr, Mars ILL, Soul Position), and Brown Study has the ring of those classic pairings. Hope to see these two collab more (and more) in the future. As for right now, get to your online music provider of choice (iTunes, UGHH.com, Amazon, etc), or drop in on your local record store and demand this one!

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