"Mini Battle Men" joins GMQ Lineup!

I'm happy to inform you that Zees' sci-fi comedy webcomic Mini Battle Men will make it's print debut in the GhettoManga Sweet Christmas Special, which we are feverishly assembling at this very moment...

In case you didn't know, the Sweet Christmas Special will feature fan art, redesigns and commentary about Marvel's resurgent Blaxploitation holdover Luke Cage, also known as Powerman! I have been getting in some nice stuff from both pros and amateurs, so I expect readers will be happy with this issue's editorial content...
Of course, GhettoManga readers already know all about ZEES, who won our MF DOOM art contest and drew the cover art to the issue featuring the world's greatest rapping supervillain... and lately we've been encouraging readers to check out his fresh webcomic Mini Battle Men, which tells the story of three invincible warriors who helped their planet overthrow the tyrannical bureaucrats who ruled for a century, only to find themselves horribly bored. Unable to bear the burden of living in a utopia, the trio set their sites on the Earth, a land rich with greedy, self-serving bastards they can pummel.
In celebration of the Mini Battle Men print debut, Zees drew this awesome cover to the Sweet Christmas Special, a slick parody of Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1. Like I said, we are working hard to have the 52 page, full color magazine out in the second half of December, so expect more announcements about it as the time approaches. You can be the first kid on your block to get the issue by subscribing to GhettoManga Quarterly on the blog sidebar. You'll get 4 issues delivered to your door (for the price of three!), exclusive offers on GM stuff, random freebies in the mail, and I'll even throw in a drawing of any character you want, FREE! I don't know how long that offer will last, but it won't be forever... so get in where you fit in!


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